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Electrodiagnostic Testing
Electrodiagnostic testing in Canal Fulton and Canton involves two separate tests – electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction studies. The first is used to evaluate the function of the muscles and electrical activity within them when at rest and in use. Nerve conduction studies are used to evaluate the function of the nerves and how well they transmit electrical signals. The results can tell... Read More
Acupuncture is a therapy developed by the Chinese as a means of balancing the energy flow within the body. This energy, known to the Chinese as ‘qi’, is believed to flow through conduits throughout the body. Acupuncture in Canal Fulton and Canton involves the placement of very fine needles along these pathways to bring balance to the body. These needles are not placed deep within the skin,... Read More
Neck Pain
Your neck – also referred to as the cervical spine – is a delicate accumulation of vertebrae, nerves and muscles that work to support your head. The neck is very flexible and capable of rotating from side to side, up and down. Though the neck is not weak, it is susceptible to injury and pain. Neck pain is a common complain and is often the result of poor posture, whiplash, or even stress.... Read More
Massage Therapy
Chiropractic care is a conservative, non-invasive treatment used to relive pain and treat underlying conditions of the neuromuscular system. Although it is highly effective on its own, the therapy works synergistically with massage therapy to deliver faster, more effective results. Massage prior to a chiropractic treatment helps loosen stiff muscles and make them more susceptible to manual... Read More
Knee Pain
Knee pain is a highly common complaint among Americans – especially those who are active in sports or are victims of repetitive use injuries. There are many causes of knee pain, including arthritis, inflammation, and injuries to the connective tissues. Many people suffering with knee pain want alternative treatment methods besides pain medications or surgery. Chiropractic offers a conservative... Read More
Joint Problems
Joint pain is a common problem, and there is a host of treatments and medications available claiming to offer symptom relief. But few of those treatment options work to address the cause of joint problems rather than just the symptoms. Canal Fulton and Canton chiropractic treatment can be a viable remedy for joint problems and pain affecting all areas of the musculoskeletal system. Manual... Read More
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