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Sports Orthopedics
Sports and athletics play an important role in the lives of many people here in Canal Fulton and Canton. Not only are sports a fun pastime, but the regular activity keeps bodies healthy and strong. Unfortunately, there are risk associated with nearly every athletic activity, from running and swimming to swinging a golf club or tennis racket. The goal of our sports orthopedics services is to help... Read More
What to do if you just had an Auto Accident
Millions of auto accidents occur every year. Though there is no way of knowing how many total collisions occur, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that more than 9.7 million vehicles were involved in police-reported accidents during 2012 alone. Though most collisions are non-fatal, even the slightest fender benders can cause injury. One of the most important steps you can... Read More
What to do if you just had a Workplace Injury
Injuries in the workplace are a common occurrence. When a person gets hurt on the job, the employer loses a worker and the worker is forced to take time off to recover. Worker’s comp insurance typically covers injuries incurred on the job, not only replacing lost wages but also paying for medical bills associated with the recovery process. If you have just suffered a workplace injury in Canal... Read More
Work and Auto Accident Injuries
Workers' Comp Injuries The workplace can be a dangerous place – even in seemingly benign occupations. Physical labor and repetitive motions are responsible for a bevy of workers' compensation claims every year in the U.S. Although a person can develop nearly any type of injury on the job, certain workers' comp injuries are more common than others. Some of the most prevalent injuries in the... Read More
Musculoskeletal Pain Assessment and Treatment
Muscle and joint pain are very common among American adults, with approximately 100 million people suffering from chronic pain of some kind in the U.S. Musculoskeletal pain in Canal Fulton and Canton can occur as the result of many causes, the most common of which are injuries, birth deformities, and underlying illnesses like arthritis. Pain occurs when some component of the musculoskeletal... Read More
Evaluation of Limb Weakness
Weakness of the arms or legs is an indicator of a problem with the nervous system. The problem could be a case of functional weakness, or it could indicate an underlying issue, such as nerve damage or illness. Weakness may appear suddenly or develop gradually depending on its cause. A Canal Fulton and Canton assessment of limb weakness is necessary to evaluate symptoms and make an accurate... Read More
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